Up, Up & Away!

We all have dreams of disappearing on exciting adventures. Sometimes, books, films, music or perhaps an eye-catching piece of artwork inspires adventures. For me, my adventures begin when I sit there, pen in hand ready to transform my paper.

In August 2013, a faraway dream came to life on paper, which has since become very dear to my heart. This was the first time I created a piece of work with the intent of framing the final outcome and displaying it on the wall with pride for all to see. I wanted the piece to be bright, colourful, and full of life and inspire my mind to think of the exciting things in the world.

The obvious choice for me was the stunning animated movie Up, by Disney Pixar. The colourful balloons, determination of an epic expedition and beautiful storytelling of the friendships to be cherished made for an ideal eye-catching piece.

“Adventure is out there”
– Ellie Fredricksen, Up (Disney / Pixar)

I had never attempted something of this scale before with this level of detail and was only just developing my creative style. As I persevered balloon by balloon, I began to fall in love with the piece and what it represented. It not only evoked feelings of excitement and adventure but also of pride and accomplishment of my own adventures and endeavours, proving to myself I was more than capable of taking on this epic pen-to-paper challenge.

After days of hard work, my final piece was not at all what I expected it to be but the outcome was far more cherishable than I had ever imagined. This piece currently sits in pride of place on my bedroom wall, reminding me every day of the journey that I have taken so far and that it is entirely possible to exceed your own expectations.

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