Creativity In Learning

I was recently given the opportunity to give a presentation on Creativity In The Learning Environment at a primary school in Hampshire. I was able to share why creativity is so essential and the positive impacts it can have.

Creativity is Multidisciplinary:

Not only can you practice creativity through many different mediums, but its benefits are also applicable to almost all professions because it promotes thinking outside the box and problem-solving.

Problem-solving is important for creating a positive learning experience. The word FAIL, for instance, can be read as “First Attempt In Learning”. Pupils are encouraged to think positively when faced with a not so desirable result and prompted to create new and interesting ways to achieve the outcome.

I would like to share with you the following key points: how creativity helps you express yourself; how it can be used to reduce stress and anxiety; and how it helps to promote positivity in the learning environment.

1. Creativity allows you to express yourself:

An integral part of growing up involves learning who we are and recognizing how we fit into the rest of the world. Creativity allows self-discovery, not only as individuals but also in the way we learn. It opens up opportunities for personal interpretation, alternate methods of communication, and confidence within individual work. This is, in my opinion, an integral part of teaching as it encourages learning in all forms.

2. Creativity reduces stress and anxiety:

People usually pursue creative projects because they enjoy the process or the outcome. This in-depth involvement in a subject can put us in a near-meditative state where we lose track of time and feel removed from the stresses of life. The act of creating inspires a sense of contentment and this, in turn, encourages us to focus. Encouraging a relaxed environment and enabling quality focus time in class helps to provide pupils with the tools to be life-long learners.

3. Creativity encourages positivity in the learning environment:

For children, using imagination is a key part of everyday life. By tailoring a lesson that is more creative, engaging and encourages pupil involvement, the “chore” element of learning begins to dissolve. Learning is then perceived with a fun and enjoyable approach and a greater willingness to engage. In my previous experience in the classroom, the amount of pupil engagement has been considerably more positive in lessons that are creatively led. This fun, positive, can-do attitude is great for developing resilience amongst pupils and encourages them to persevere to reach their academic goals.

Overall Concept:

Through creativity, we can encourage a positive learning environment, encourage individuals to problem solve and help them develop life-long skills to benefit them in the future.

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