Creativity is, and has always been, at the core of who I am and everything I do. Alongside my creativity, mental health has also been defining the way I live my life and make (or don’t make) my decisions. During the crisis year that was 2020, the year the bins went out more than me, I experienced a point in my life that would ultimately push me to make a life-changing decision, literally.

Can I get through this? My mental health had plummeted to a point where navigating my life hour by hour became overwhelming and a challenge and all the positives and joy that my creativity provided were long gone. A mental health diagnosis of anxiety, depression and PTSD is ultimately the outcome of the biggest decision I have ever made. I can get through this, and it’s OK to ask and receive help!

Alongside my determination and prescribed treatment, I knew creativity made me happy and that this would help me to gain control over my life again. A big game changer for me was when I discovered bullet journaling. All the things I loved most in one place. I love a good list, to feel organised, and to use all my creative media in my journal. For every small goal I set in my journal, I began to consistently exceed my own expectations. I used to struggle with confidence to try new creative projects, now I thrive from it! I am pleased to say I continue to exceed my own expectations every day!

My mission has become to share my creativity with others in the hope that it will inspire, reassure and promote positivity and ultimately help boost creative courage to try new things and exceed your own expectations.

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