Bullet Journal Setup | Part Two

Hi friends! Welcome back to my blog, and thanks for joining me for another bullet journal plan with me. In this post, I will be sharing all the details you need to recreate these spreads in your own journals. 

For this setup, I will use my floral Bullet Journal Setup Stickers Set, and I have listed all the items I have used to create my spreads below. I have also created a handy how-to video, linked above, to make sure this setup is easy for all to follow. So, grab a drink, pull up a chair, and let’s get to it!

In this setup I will be using :

– My Archer & Olive A5 dot grid journal

– My set of lovely floral Bullet Journal Setup stickers (available here)

– 01 and 02 Fine-liner, I use Pigma Micron

– White gel pen – great for masking mistakes

– Scissors / Craft knife

– Ruler

– Pencil

– Eraser


I named the journal I used for part one of my 2022 setup “Hazel” after one of my nearest and dearest friends. To help the journals flow together, I will add a title to the cover page of “Hazel Prt 2”. If you don’t name your bullet journals, you could simply add your own name or even the current year.

On the first blank page, place the large delphinium cluster sticker in the centre of the page. In my Archer & Olive dot grid journal, the centre is thirteen squares in. In the row three squares up from the bottom, I will place my title, “Hazel Prt 2”, using the centre line to line it up with the sticker design above. I find by working out the middle of all the letters in my title and placing this by my centre line, I can then pencil the title outwards to give me the best chance possible at keeping my title in the middle.


To create my Dutch door cover page design, you will again need to pencil in a faint guideline down the middle of the page and find your centre. This will help to line up the stickers and visualize the final design. To create this layout, I have placed the “0” and “2” stickers on the right side of the design, one square-wide column to the right of the central guideline. Once I have placed my “2022” stickers, I will use my pencil to make marks on the page so I can re-align them once the sticker back has been removed. I will place a single delphinium cluster UNDER these stickers, as when placed on top of the numbers, this can obscure the design and make the spread messy and difficult to read. I will then count in eight squares from the right-hand side to create a faint guideline and cut away the excess paper for the Dutch Door design. To finalize this spread, I will add the title “Part two” along the vertical of the right inside cover page. This joins the two spread designs together and helps the pages flow. To write my title, I will use my 02 Pigma Micron.


Depending on your style of key, this will dictate how much space you have available for your sticker. It always helps to scribble out your key on a draft piece of paper first and count how many symbols you use before pencilling the key into your journal to check the fit. I use eleven different symbols, which are as follows:

– = Note

O = Event

⚫ = Event Complete

⦰ = Event Cancelled

= Task 

/ = Task started

X = Task Completed

> = Task Migrated

< = Task Scheduled

— = Task Irrelevant (strike through item)

🎁 = Birthday

I like to use my 02 fine liner for the title and the 01 fine liner for the key itself, but this is entirely down to preference. As long as you can read and understand it, that is the most important thing.


To set up my future log, I will use my cursive handwriting for the main title and capital letters for the months. This keeps the differentiation clean and helps section the page evenly. As we are moving into September (at the time of setup), I will add the remaining months of 2022, September through to December, and I will also add a title for January so I can be ready for the new year and keep on top of my new year plans. The final title I will create is my Twenty-Twenty-Three space. For events or notes relating to next year that are not in January, this provides the ideal space to jot them down, ensuring I don’t forget anything important.

Finally, I will add a single delphinium cluster to the right-hand side of the page to help that setup theme flow through. As a finishing touch, you can grab your 01 fine liner and redraw those title lines to help give the illusion that the flowers are atop the inked lines. Don’t forget to rub out any of those pencil marks, share your recreations on Dot & Cross social media, and stay tuned for the next monthly setup.

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